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Monday, July 12, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

Baseball season is in the SWINGS of heat and all its glory. Spencer finished up his league season a few weeks ago 2nd place. As Spencer was saying goodbye to his team Corden was taking 1st place at STATE. 

The next thing on the roster for the Bandits is World Series already in play. The Bandits are running the basses hot and heavy in with Spencer in tow.  Spencer is playing with the Bandits 11yr old boys.  I have not been able to see any of the games because I am getting over food poisoning.  They have lost the first 2 games up against two AAA teams.  They all did well hitting but the other teams just were on the ball.  LITERALLY every ball our boys hit either was caught or tagged out on base.  Weeellll Cord was the only player on our team that made it to first and stayed then had to go back to the dug out because the inning was over and was not able to make it around the DIAMOND.  Spencer made and awesome play in the right field. Stopped the grounder and threw it to first they missed the tag by one step. We play again Wed. and then have 5 more games to show them what the Bandits are made of.  Good Luck boys.

I want to be a nerd

Trying to figure out why I have become a non computer nerd.  I want to be a nerd again.
My dear friend ShaRhonda   (click on her button and visit her blog)
Has to walk me through everything what is up with that.  She sends me tweet to retweet so I might be able to win something.  Can I do it on my own.  OH no heaven forbid that I figure it out my self.  I have to call her and the conversation goes like this.  Hello what do you want me to do? How? When? Why? Where? Who?  I feel like a 2 year old that just learned all these words.  OMG what happened to my computer knowledge.  I used to be the go to girl. NOW...... I am the one running to my girlfriend.  HELLLLP.  Hopefully I will get the hang of all and be able to get this wonderful technology under wraps or maybe just under my hair in my brain.

MckLinky-What are some of the stranger remedies you've learned?

1.Use MUSTARD on a burn to ease the sting.  I am not sure if it works on little burns but bad burns it does not work.  My daughter Olivia placed both her hand palm out on a grill that had been going good for about 3 hours.  She was still in a huge amount of pain.  She was and is fine.

2.Use gasoline to remove paint

3.To remove candle wax place (fill in blank) put in freezer for an hour or more than just lift slowly and the wax will come off.  If on glass DO NOT PUT IN HOT WATER until after glass gets back to room temp.


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Friday, July 2, 2010


OK here is a random post about lots of subjects. It is a lot of things.

Spencer...... Was at his tutor Mrs. G she loves him so much and he loves her.  He was sitting in her recliner and said when Mrs. G gives me her house I am going to keep her yard just like it is but I am going to add this flower right here.  lol.  I asked him is Mrs. G going to leave her house to you?  You don't think she will leave it to one of her sons?  Mrs. G said well I was going to leave it to on of the grandchildren but I don't have any so you would be a good replacement for a grandchild.  :) Spencer gets into the car and said I would live in your house to mom because I love your house to.  He is so cute and I love how is mind works.

Olivia..........We were swimming by our selves after dark.  She said that "she didn't want to grow up because she did not want to loose me.""why would she loose me."  "When you die."  I asked "when am I going to die?"  Olivia "When you get old"  I ask what is old. Olivia "29 yrs old..........no 80 maybe 90 or maybe when I am 80 yrs old you will be old."  I love that she has not learned the age thing.  Then she said that she wanted to take a trip somewhere like Hawaii or New York or some place fabulous just me and her.  NOT her brothers because they always have to come everywhere.  I said that maybe we could do that when she was older and now we can do day trips like getting a mani and pedi.  She said "do we have to go to the same place because I cant understand them when they talk to me and it really freaks me out."

Sister........She is making me crazy. I thought that those days were long gone. You know when you lived in the same household, shared a room, drank Clorox out of a cup that you were using to clean a dresser top.  I was in so much trouble when she drank that.  BUT hello isn't it rude to just go up and drink what ever you want when you know it is not yours.  Granted she was LIKE 5.  lol.  I love my sister to death.  She is the person that I talk to about everything except ...   (mama mia reference) she says that it makes her weird like parents talking about that in front of there children.  SO she knows me better than any one else except Clete.  However I want to ring her neck sometimes.  Then she is the wonderful Aunt that she can be to my children.  She is someone they can talk to and for me to talk to.  However these days she has disappeared and that is never good.  COME BACK SISTER.

ok randomness over is that a word???

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Think about the day you met your spouse. Since then and due to their influence, what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that has changed about me.  I used to be nothing but smiles and laughter.  Now it is a little bit more serious.  I am not sure if it is because of life getting in the way of all the smiles or just growing up more each day. Maybe life, kids, husband, different jobs, who knows.  I am happy were my life is today smiling all the time or not.  Everyday is a good day to learn and change with your life around you.

This question was brought to you by the lovely women of RHOK. link up with them below.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I was reading on a fitness website and I thought this was kinda cool. SO I copied it. IT Does NOT mean you get to go slow all the time but maybe 2 times a week or once a week the point of this is.  CHANGE IT UP!! I need to loose 50Ibs MY GOAL is to have it off by December. I am going to really try and use this as my motivator to get going.  I have three friends that are in the same sinking boat with me (because we are overweight and sinking the dingy) and we are going to start a serious, go get em, no holds bars, hot mama, work out as soon as one of them is recovered.  I believe that two are better than one and three are better than 2 and four holy moly look out.

Again I hope this helps you and am crossing my fingers that it helps me.  I bought the cutes black dress yesterday and what does it show my back fat ooooo Gross

your weight challenged friend

(what I copied from the fitness website) Short workouts are convenient, but your body is smarter than that; it actually gets used to your routines. So, if you do 20 minutes on the stair climber every day, your body only cares about the first two weeks. After that, you’re basically climbing stairs for no reason while your body laughs at you.

The solution: switch it up.

I’m sure you’ve heard that slow and steady wins the race. Which race? Not sure: but it’s a great way to fool your body into working harder (and not laughing at you).

Rather than running for 20 minutes, walk super slowly for an hour. Call a friend, chat it up, and bide your time on the treadmill. Sure, there are people waiting, but who cares? Unless it’s me; in which case, hurry up.

If you’re into heavy lifting, switch to light weights for a few days. Your muscles are easily confused, and changing your workout will actually build more muscle in the long run—unless I’m waiting for the 5lb dumbbells; in which case, hurry up.

You know how you’re super cool because you can do 30 leg presses at 200 lbs? What if, instead, you did 200 leg presses at 30 lbs? Then your leg muscles would be more toned, you’d take forever, and I’d tell you to hurry up.

I love long workouts because they help me relax. I focus on not falling, and my mind is inordinately clear. I hope it works for you, too.

Richy T

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


WEEEEELLLLL. Let me just say at first I was thinking "do what you want me to try what"  to my girlfriend.  Then I did my first one (I'm still a newbie with only 8 under my keyboard) I felt like it was a great way to express myself.  I'm still not 100% on what I am writing about except my family and funny, stupid, silly, or make me crazy things they do.  I love that I get to express myself with my lovely keyboard under my fingers. :)  Hope to see you around the computer screens.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things my Children say

Funny things my children say......

(Olivia) I did not even exist before mom got pregnant.  Well I existed but no one knew about me.  (to Spencer) Did you want a little sister, where you excited?  I know you hate me know! AND I hate you.  BUT sometime you like me Why?
(Spencer) Because I get board.

(Spencer to me) Mom why do you have to use a tampon do you have to put it in your butt? 
(Olivia to Spencer & me) No it is because she is on her pyramid. (withing a knowing look to me)

(Corden saying good night to me while laying in bed) Mom if Spencers lips fell off would he still have bad breath?

(Corden saying good night to me while laying in bed)  Mom if you take steroids and extends together does your penis stay the same size?

(Dakota) Corden you don't have to be an adult to act grown!  Hey do you want to go out and play army in the backyard.  Don't forget your sword.

Just a few things that make me laugh.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes it should be about me

The problem with being a mom and a wife is you tend to loose yourself in your family. I wonder who am I? If I took away my husband and my kids what would I be. I can't answer. I know I am a good mom and that I am a good wife. BUT what am I to myself. What would you answer if you were asked you are you and you can not use wife, spouse, mother, daughter, or friend? It is just about you.  I know your saying those thing make up me as well.  AND you would be correct they help make me to however I should be able to stand on my own and be able to be a person with out all my people.

I am trying to remember who I was before and I think I am going to have to walk the yellow brick road backwards.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

surving teenage boys

What do you do when you are ready to just give up?

What happens when your are ready to throw in the towel, ride up with the white flag flying, or just run away?

My oldest 13 year old boy. I love more than life and of course I would give mine for his. BUT saying that to quote Bill Cosby "I brought you into this world and I'll take you out"

Dakota got into a fight last week at school. He was being bullied and stood up for himself and both boys were suspended for 3 days. His first day back was yesterday, he was getting out of the car and I said "don't talk about the fight all day and get all of your work because you only have 13 days of school left. Have a good day I love you." SLAM!!!! there went my van door, the car shakes. I roll down the window and tell him to loose the attitude and what ever he is upset about he needs to get over and have a good day at school.

I drive away go on with my day then pull in to the school to pick him up pm.

He says that there is a gang at his school and he is thinking about joining.

What would you do??? I know what I did BUT what would you do if your child says something like that to you?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am a big girl and I hide it pretty well. I started weight watchers Jan. 7th with the family (not my children they need to gain weight) I have gained 5lbs. Not because WW does not work it is because I loooooove food. I don't have to be hungry I just like to eat the taste the smell. It makes it even worse that I love to bake and cook. THEY (do you know who they are? If you do can you introduce me? I would like to meet them and maybe slap them.) say if you cook it or bake it from scratch you should be able to eat as much as you want. NOT who do they think they are! AND what are they talking about THEY need to shut up.

I talked to my mom yesterday and she is really trying to help so I will keep you informed. :)

On another note. I finally made Olivias room look like a room. Not just some space in our house. We have lived in our house for 4 years and I have not really made it ours. Yeah sure we have pics up and stuff every where. BUT not really ours. You know what I mean when you walk into a room and say "I want to die here" (can you name that movie quote??) It is really cute I used some everyday things to really spice it up.

Monday, February 8, 2010

This weekend and Monday

WEEELL It was Super Bowl weekend. That says allot right there. Friday I ran kids around all over town for practices. Corden went skating with all his friends and is worried about his girlfriend breaking up with him. OF course that started a new conversation between Clete and I being week. lol men. Dakota had a basket ball game in Barttelsville. He made his first basket during the actual game not at the free throw line. It was awesome. Sunday we hung out with our friends the Siaus and ate good food, played games, and had Sarah's Margaritas. The kids had a blast hanging out with there boys and sissy was Cathy's little girl it was funny she was even yelling for her instead of me. Here is the family question for the weekend. Why do boys get hurt no matter where you are? I don't mean just bumps and bruises I mean huge goose eggs on there foreheads and black eyes. Now random question for the weekend.
What is your favorite toothpaste?

This morning the three younger kids walk down to the bus stop. Olivia looses her glove walks back to find it and misses the bus. Who knows where her brothers are while she is walking back. I am still at home and trying to get ready. The dogs start barking I go to the door and she is out front. CRYING saying that I scared her. "Why didn't you go to Ms. Angelas" I ask "I don't know" she said "I was trying to find my glove that I dropped and I thought the boys were at the bus stop I didn't think that the bus had already gone then when I went back I couldn't find them." Olivia said with tears streaming down her face and her voice shaking so much that I could barley understand what she was saying. I try to explain to her what she is suppose to do if this should ever happen again. In the middle of my part we hear a bus coming down the street..... she says "I have to go down here to get on the bus" and she runs off to our neighbor two doors down. The bus driver Kenny waves as he passes by our house to pick up the two boys that live down the street and my still crying buy no longer trembling daughter. The point to this story is that Olivia will have to grounded brothers for not keeping up with their 5 yr old sister. Family Question of the day. Is it worth the stress to send your children down the street to the bus stop when your almost 11 yr old doesn't watch his sister? Random ? of the day. What is your favorite invention and why?

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Time

I am a newbie to this. I am not sure if anyone is out there that will be interested in any thing I will have to say so here goes.

Clete found a recipe for sweet potato fries he bought a slicer that actually cut the sweet potato's really easy. AND human flesh! First Clete sliced himself and then I cut myself because the guard popped off. Clete rushed me to the local urgent care and of course they could not do anything for me but give me pain meds. The shot was nice it numbed my fingers for a few days. Now the question of the day. Have you ever sliced off the pad of your finger and then tried to type with a huge bandage on?

Yea that would be me. is It is very irritating how many times I have to use the backspace because of the bandage. OK so for now that is it. Again this is my fist blog ever and I am not sure if it is......