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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things my Children say

Funny things my children say......

(Olivia) I did not even exist before mom got pregnant.  Well I existed but no one knew about me.  (to Spencer) Did you want a little sister, where you excited?  I know you hate me know! AND I hate you.  BUT sometime you like me Why?
(Spencer) Because I get board.

(Spencer to me) Mom why do you have to use a tampon do you have to put it in your butt? 
(Olivia to Spencer & me) No it is because she is on her pyramid. (withing a knowing look to me)

(Corden saying good night to me while laying in bed) Mom if Spencers lips fell off would he still have bad breath?

(Corden saying good night to me while laying in bed)  Mom if you take steroids and extends together does your penis stay the same size?

(Dakota) Corden you don't have to be an adult to act grown!  Hey do you want to go out and play army in the backyard.  Don't forget your sword.

Just a few things that make me laugh.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes it should be about me

The problem with being a mom and a wife is you tend to loose yourself in your family. I wonder who am I? If I took away my husband and my kids what would I be. I can't answer. I know I am a good mom and that I am a good wife. BUT what am I to myself. What would you answer if you were asked you are you and you can not use wife, spouse, mother, daughter, or friend? It is just about you.  I know your saying those thing make up me as well.  AND you would be correct they help make me to however I should be able to stand on my own and be able to be a person with out all my people.

I am trying to remember who I was before and I think I am going to have to walk the yellow brick road backwards.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

surving teenage boys

What do you do when you are ready to just give up?

What happens when your are ready to throw in the towel, ride up with the white flag flying, or just run away?

My oldest 13 year old boy. I love more than life and of course I would give mine for his. BUT saying that to quote Bill Cosby "I brought you into this world and I'll take you out"

Dakota got into a fight last week at school. He was being bullied and stood up for himself and both boys were suspended for 3 days. His first day back was yesterday, he was getting out of the car and I said "don't talk about the fight all day and get all of your work because you only have 13 days of school left. Have a good day I love you." SLAM!!!! there went my van door, the car shakes. I roll down the window and tell him to loose the attitude and what ever he is upset about he needs to get over and have a good day at school.

I drive away go on with my day then pull in to the school to pick him up pm.

He says that there is a gang at his school and he is thinking about joining.

What would you do??? I know what I did BUT what would you do if your child says something like that to you?