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Monday, September 26, 2011

The weekend

What a weekend,

Saturday we started out with Cross Country @ 9:00 Kim T and I meet at QT @ 8:30 well lets be honest I was at QT at 8:30 lol. The boys had to be at the meet at 9:00 to check in. (They could have rode the bus but that would have meant they had to be at school @ 7:00 am.)  OH YES let me think my son Corden thought it would be very cool to stay up until 4:30 (when I was woken up by gears of war and told him to go to bed).  Follow Kim all around town looking for the school that both of us should have known it where abouts.  BUT NO it is me and KIM.  They are scheduled to run at 9:45 and then they are off.  Corden and CJ did totally awesome video above and yes of course I always yell for my children. lol AND yes they make fun of me when they listen to me on videos but they can hear me on the field and it makes them move.

Olivia and I congratulate Cord, CJ, and the rest of the team for doing such a great job, then run to the car to make her game on time.

Olivia's game was at 11:00 have to be there by 10:15 I like to be there early just in case any of my girls get there.  We rurnrnrnrnrnrun like crazy to get inside. AND what only 5 girls are there out of the 15 mmmmmmm.  One of my girls is out because of a wedding, Friday find out another is going out of town, and at 10:10 am I find out that another is going to miss due to staying up late.   I am scrambling to figure out how to still do our dance with just the girls I have.  I am missing another girl where is she.  I text they had written the wrong time down.  They race to the field and just barley make it.  We change the dance this person is doing this, she is doing that, all of them are in different spots, OMG I am stressed.  What if they mess up what if they don't know where to go and run into each other.  OOOOOO. My parents in the stands are not the most supportive so I really don't want to hear how bad they looked. 

..........................................................  So the dance goes on.  None of the parents said anything good or bad.  BUT the girls did amazing they did so awesome.  All of them hit there spots and did just wonderful.  Kendra's husband Jason got to see them for a little bit and he said that he like my changes better than the original dance.  So we will see how it goes with some extra flipping in it.

From Cheer to football Spencer played at 2:00 across town and Cord played at 2:30 on our home fields.  So I chose to watch Corden play.  I had parents on Spencers team texting me and keeping me updated on the game.  I was one for the books they were rocking the house.  Spencer intercepted a pass in the other teams in zone and ran it all the way to our end zone.  That is right baby 100 yard touchdown.  "THATS ANOTHER WHAT TIGER TOUCHDOWN"

Cordens game was not so happy we lost to another BA team that had friend on it. They played better than we did and it happens.  We had some craziness men mouthing off to men and uuuuug stop it stop it. nothing happened just people that should keep there mouth shut don't.  We had a play break his leg in the game.  He did not complain and kept going.  Did not tell the coaches (his dad is on the sidelines) he didn't even act hurt that we could see from the stands.  It is broken he is in a full cast.  poor baby. (his cheerleaders were really cute)

After the game we (Olivia and I) head home to get ready for our dinner and movie date.  Kelsie turned 8. We went to los cabos with two other girls that she has know since she was 2yrs old.  The girls had a blast.  After the moms had a drink, some laughs, and lots of pictures "making memories" we were off to the 12:00 (9:45pm) showing of Dolphin Tale. It was such a good time.  I think I made two new friends and I know Olivia did.  Anytime I'm with Kendra I have so much fun.

this is Olivia kissing Ms. Piggy

Sunday Baseball games. 1st game I don't know the other team the 2nd was Nic Swanson and Tucker Dunlaps team.  What are the big boys playing my baby for.  Nic is gonna get it he beamed Spencer right in the arm and wooooo it hurt. He took it and went on but they pulled him for the rest of the game. Move on the the evening ready to enjoy chili with the Gotchers and Lanes. MMMMM and goooooood company can't ask for anything better. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Home coming parade

        The Broken Arrow homecoming parade.  We try to participate every year.  Broken Arrow Black (5th grade) have been participating for 4 years now and they get louder and crazier every year. This is the GridIron Divas (2nd grade) 2nd year to show there stuff off in the parade.

The theme this year was


omg did they ever.

The getting ready started Wednesday the 21st with picking up hay and making posters.  Thanks to the very talented ShaRhonda Crow and Erin Gutierrez for making the tiger an breast cancer signs. Anna and I stood by watching making sure they did not mess up and giving them moral support as we were sipping our wine LOL.

BA Black and The GridIron Divas playing on the trailer showing off there muscles

The kids start getting picked up from school around 2:30 to make it on time to join in on the fun. This is the only time that the schools do not frown on the picking up early to support our wonderful town and High School. The trailer shows up to our meeting spot around 2:00. Keep in mind that the parade does not start until 4:00 pm but hey to have a good spot you have to sacrifice your time.  Thank you coach Jason S. for giving up your time and showing off your driving skills as you drove down Main street. 


Of course everything is a competition in our house so Spencer is trying to out do Olivia and Olivia is trying to out do Spencer.  The Cheerleaders that are already boy crazy enjoyed flirting with the football boys that had no idea that was what they were doing.  The boys looked at the girls like you are my annoying little sister that I have to let sit by me on the float so I don't get yelled at by my mom.

Now saying that they sure did have fun saying chants and one upping each other.
The parade is starting the girls are in the front with some extra friends in the mix that are sisters of the football players they are the same age as the cheerleaders 2nd grade and fit in very nicely with the other girls. Corden and CJ were not left out on the fun either they were on the back of the trailer making fun of Clete as we supposedly waved like a prom queen. (I didn't see it I think Corden was making that part up lol but it would be really funny looking if he was)  We start off with a few GO BAs and then move on to WHO ARE WE? BA BLACK". The boys are louder than the girls, so they have to step it up and add in some cheers and moves BANG BANG CHOO CHOO TRAIN is the one that they like the most at this moment. Toia and I are on the trailer floor surrounded by all the boys and girls yelling at the top of there lungs, we had already figured out before we started moving that we had lost some of our hearing due to all the yelling. All the football coaches had a better idea and walked behind and beside the trailer. Dakota was our security as he led the way at the front of the trailer.  The kids chanted all the way down the mile and half parade I am pretty sure we were the loudest trailer in the parade and of course we have the cutest girls and boys on our float.

The Breast Cancer signs were on both sides of the trailer so as we drove by the news guy filming the parade he zoomed in on the poster and jumped on the trailer and filmed the boys doing there chant and showing off there muscles and pink bands to beat cancer. 

When the parade came to an end we went on to our practice location down the street and around the corner. The boys jumped off and and sprinted to there practice spot while the girls had to wait because we had a little bit of a walk.  As we were going to our spot across the street the homecoming court was in the parking lot and the girls went all gooey seeing the girls in there gowns.  Both girls asked if they could take pictures with my girls and of course that was right up there ally.  Olivia asked the girls in the strapless gown if she could borrow the dress when she becomes homecoming queen.  LOL The very sweet young lady said "of course you can just call me and I will give it to you and we can take a picture together a new homecoming queen and an old one"  I thought that was so nice. 

We continue on our journey and head to practice where all the girls were so tired from school and the parade that they did not have very much fun learning new chants.  However had a lot of fun doing the team building skills that I had them do.  All in All I felt like it should have been Friday and that the day should have ending 24 hours before.  It was a great day with my favorite girls and my favorite boys.  HAPPY HOMECOMING.

First game of the season

Saturday 08/27/11

The first games of the football and cheer season in Broken Arrow, the GridIron Divas are geared up and ready to go. We all show up and what do you find on our field 4 another cheer squad about to go on.  UGG the other coach says the field is about 1 hour behind. We take the very cute always excited girls down the hill to get them in the shade.  Yes it is 100 degrees outside. Down the hill we go through the football players and around the trees to a place we can call ours.  As we are trying to make sure we have everyone and everything Coach Kortneys phone has a heat stroke so NO one can get a hold of me.  The squad runs through the dance and then they are sent off to get into some AC while we wait.  Meet back at the field for our first game and the girls do awesome, the football coach is high fiving the girls after touchdowns everyone is excited.  It is half time and it is our time to shine, UH OH the sound system is broken lol April becomes a walking jukebox. The girls do awesome on the dance and stunts. As the third quarter comes to an end we see yet another cheer squad. I walk over and asks why are do you look like your about to cheer.  WELL I was not told that they double booked the field and our game was moved to field 1. Kendra is running around like a chicken with her head cut off due to me sending her every where I can think of trying to find out where we are suppose to be next.  At the end of the game we clean up and hustle to field 1 to find out that it is at the end of the 3rd quarter.  I run up and talks to the announcer (the sound system works) to find out if we can do our dance after the game, I then runs over to the referee and ask.  The girls are all excited and pumped to do the dance again even thoe they are hot sweaty and sticky because of the heat.  The entire stands stay and watch the girls do Boom and the dance. AGAIN they literally rocked the house.  First games down and under there belt with rave reviews from all that watched.