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Monday, July 12, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

Baseball season is in the SWINGS of heat and all its glory. Spencer finished up his league season a few weeks ago 2nd place. As Spencer was saying goodbye to his team Corden was taking 1st place at STATE. 

The next thing on the roster for the Bandits is World Series already in play. The Bandits are running the basses hot and heavy in with Spencer in tow.  Spencer is playing with the Bandits 11yr old boys.  I have not been able to see any of the games because I am getting over food poisoning.  They have lost the first 2 games up against two AAA teams.  They all did well hitting but the other teams just were on the ball.  LITERALLY every ball our boys hit either was caught or tagged out on base.  Weeellll Cord was the only player on our team that made it to first and stayed then had to go back to the dug out because the inning was over and was not able to make it around the DIAMOND.  Spencer made and awesome play in the right field. Stopped the grounder and threw it to first they missed the tag by one step. We play again Wed. and then have 5 more games to show them what the Bandits are made of.  Good Luck boys.

I want to be a nerd

Trying to figure out why I have become a non computer nerd.  I want to be a nerd again.
My dear friend ShaRhonda   (click on her button and visit her blog)
Has to walk me through everything what is up with that.  She sends me tweet to retweet so I might be able to win something.  Can I do it on my own.  OH no heaven forbid that I figure it out my self.  I have to call her and the conversation goes like this.  Hello what do you want me to do? How? When? Why? Where? Who?  I feel like a 2 year old that just learned all these words.  OMG what happened to my computer knowledge.  I used to be the go to girl. NOW...... I am the one running to my girlfriend.  HELLLLP.  Hopefully I will get the hang of all and be able to get this wonderful technology under wraps or maybe just under my hair in my brain.

MckLinky-What are some of the stranger remedies you've learned?

1.Use MUSTARD on a burn to ease the sting.  I am not sure if it works on little burns but bad burns it does not work.  My daughter Olivia placed both her hand palm out on a grill that had been going good for about 3 hours.  She was still in a huge amount of pain.  She was and is fine.

2.Use gasoline to remove paint

3.To remove candle wax place (fill in blank) put in freezer for an hour or more than just lift slowly and the wax will come off.  If on glass DO NOT PUT IN HOT WATER until after glass gets back to room temp.


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Friday, July 2, 2010


OK here is a random post about lots of subjects. It is a lot of things.

Spencer...... Was at his tutor Mrs. G she loves him so much and he loves her.  He was sitting in her recliner and said when Mrs. G gives me her house I am going to keep her yard just like it is but I am going to add this flower right here.  lol.  I asked him is Mrs. G going to leave her house to you?  You don't think she will leave it to one of her sons?  Mrs. G said well I was going to leave it to on of the grandchildren but I don't have any so you would be a good replacement for a grandchild.  :) Spencer gets into the car and said I would live in your house to mom because I love your house to.  He is so cute and I love how is mind works.

Olivia..........We were swimming by our selves after dark.  She said that "she didn't want to grow up because she did not want to loose me.""why would she loose me."  "When you die."  I asked "when am I going to die?"  Olivia "When you get old"  I ask what is old. Olivia "29 yrs old..........no 80 maybe 90 or maybe when I am 80 yrs old you will be old."  I love that she has not learned the age thing.  Then she said that she wanted to take a trip somewhere like Hawaii or New York or some place fabulous just me and her.  NOT her brothers because they always have to come everywhere.  I said that maybe we could do that when she was older and now we can do day trips like getting a mani and pedi.  She said "do we have to go to the same place because I cant understand them when they talk to me and it really freaks me out."

Sister........She is making me crazy. I thought that those days were long gone. You know when you lived in the same household, shared a room, drank Clorox out of a cup that you were using to clean a dresser top.  I was in so much trouble when she drank that.  BUT hello isn't it rude to just go up and drink what ever you want when you know it is not yours.  Granted she was LIKE 5.  lol.  I love my sister to death.  She is the person that I talk to about everything except ...   (mama mia reference) she says that it makes her weird like parents talking about that in front of there children.  SO she knows me better than any one else except Clete.  However I want to ring her neck sometimes.  Then she is the wonderful Aunt that she can be to my children.  She is someone they can talk to and for me to talk to.  However these days she has disappeared and that is never good.  COME BACK SISTER.

ok randomness over is that a word???