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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mike & Sherill Mendoza

We have to cancel the dodgeball tournament due to schedules.  HOWEVER you can still donate your 10.00 or what every you are moved to give by going to
1.  click on the donate tab                  
2.  scroll to the bottom of the page 
3.  click select a player drop down menu
5.  enter the amount you would like to donate
6.  click donate
7.  follow payment directions
8.  BA BLACK will cut the Mendoza's a check for how much was donated. We will have it open for 2 weeks
Thank you,
Kortney Harrinton
FYI BA Black is Spencer Harrington's team. Clete is the head coach, I am the team mom, and ShaRhonda Crow is the treasure.  We are offering this because the Mendoaz's are part of our family and we only want the best for them and to lighten the stress on them.
The Mendozas story is below

Background Story

This was written by Dylan's Dad...

My son Dylan is 19 years old, he just had a birthday on July 1st, he is my oldest son out of 7 kids.

One week ago my nightmare started unexpectedly, so fast and furious! Dylan was seen at an Urgent Care for a lump on his neck that was causing him pain. On July 7th he was diagnosed with suspected leukemia. 

Blood test results the following day confirmed and diagnosed Dylan with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cancer.

Its funny how our lives can change so quickly! Dylan was feeling fine before and after his birthday! He was working hard at his current job, enjoying life as Dylan knew it!

"Bam", talk about getting slapped in the face with troubling news like this regarding your child. 

 Dylan is currently receiveing aggressive treatment at MD Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. 

I assured Dylan, "We are going to fight this battle together because I will be here for you and you will never be alone! Any parent, would indeed, feel the same way I do. I would do anything to fight this battle for my son."

I am amazed how strong Dylan has handled this whole process! He has become the strong man I knew he would become. I still see him as my baby boy and "we" will fight this!

We appreciate all of the love, prayers and support we have received already from family and friends during this difficult transition in our life.

 We are blessed beyond belief and will not let go of our faith in God for a complete healing for Dylan!!!


random Facebook posts from Sherill
July 8th PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for our Dylan we just found out has cancer and leukemia..GOD PLEASE BE W DYLAN for ALL HEALING!!!
PLEASE pray for DYLAN is has been in the ER all day w chest pains. Mike said they have done many tests. Need answers and direction God PLEASE!!!
Was talking to DYLAN when the surgeon comes in...I think Mike said he has a tear in the abdominal area. Causing the pain..surgery needed just blood is low I told D he is at the Best place and not too loose FAITH! We are not questioning this but TRUSTING GOD
Ok just spoke to Mike and they are admitting DYLAN for 48 HR observation to see how he does. He is at risk for surgery right now w blood being so low. ..I KNOW TRUST AND BELIEVE that he will be healed from this problem he is facing. God is the healer and the one in control! God is Good ! PLEASE b w DYLAN! ! I love you Dylan and Mike too
....Thank You for your needed prayers!!
Oh on a Good note I know the healing is begiinning.....GLORY TO GOD because Mike said Dr's said he should be in more pain!!! Thank You Jesus!!
Ok if things can't get worse for poor DYLAN he now has a blood clot in his shoulder, they are going to treat w medicine to dissolve this
I sit here and cry for this 19 yr old that I Love and am Praying so hard For things to turn around. ....I also am crying for my husband who is up there all alone God PLEASE hear my prayers!!!!

Thank you,
Kortney Harrington