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Monday, April 25, 2011

The danger of Dodgeball

Its been awhile OF COURSE.  So I have hurt my leg and I am in a boot.  for you that really know me, know that I am all about my shoes. 

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I had to put them all away they were just making me sad.  Now how sad is that. 

The low down

Corden (now 12 years) had a dodge ball fundraiser for his baseball team.  I played on our team of course, Our whole team consisted of 5 men all 6ft to 6'9" and 3 women.  We looked very intimidating out there.  We were one game away from the championship against another team that was all parents from Cordens baseball team.  I am standing in the back (I just handed the balls to the guys) WHAT happens I get hit with a ball. Heading to the sidelines looking at the wall and not the action that was going AND BOOM. Hit with another ball just right and go down.  Jason B yells out she is hurt she is hurt time out time out.  I crawl to the side lines roll over and people are there.  Clete is taking off my shoe (Kendra says he was looking at your shoe like when did she get these.) Everyone is around me asking me where it hurts.  The side of my ankle has already swollen up to the size of a baseball (go figure baseball fundraiser it had to show its pretty self sometime).  Sarah B (5'1") and Henry with someone behind me carry me to a chair they bring me ice and a box to sit on it.  There is a wonderful RN there that I don't know his name that is looking at it trying to give us some advice.  Now remember we were in the middle of a game and we had to win it a T-shirt was on the line.  We had to win this game and the next to win the beautiful yellow t-shirts lol.  My team and the other team look at me and I say "Go Go play Go win I will be fine"  They finish up the game and guess who wins.  YEAH HIPPEE  We did yes I got a shirt.

We decide to head to the ER and we all start wondering how I am going to get out of the church and get to the truck.  Check out my ride that Jason B came up with.  John hopped on and held me and my foot as I cried on his shoulder do to the bumps.  When we get to the thresh hold that was the end and Jason B swoops me up with his bad shoulder and all and takes me to my darling husband that pulled the truck to the curb.  John is trying to get the ice to sit right on my leg and it runs all down the back my thigh and on the seat. So not only do I have a jacked up killing me injury but now it looks like I peed my pants.  

We make it to ST. Johns in no time flat.  Well you know Clete was driving so no one is surprised.  He carries me to a wheel chair wheels me in and gets me to the people.  We wait.

get back for vitals
We wait
get to a room
We wait
Dr comes in looks at it a little gets the high lights of me thinking I am 20 and says we need x rays and I get a shot for the pain
We Wait
We wait
We wait
We wait
x-ray I scream and cry into the bed He was horrible mean to me trying to get pics of my bones.  didn't he know I was already hurt I did not need to turn my leg this way or that.
We wait
we wait
we wait
RN comes in gives me med so I don't get sick and a shot.  Why I didn't get the shot before the xray mmmm I will never know.  The shot was nice I helped a bit still in pain but not like I wanted to jump off a building.
guess what yep We WAIT.

During all this time Spencer was at his baseball game and the other three finished there games and went to eat with the Lanes.  Spencer lost his game but played hard, Cord and Kota (red balls was there dodge ball team name) lost so no prize for them. OH and did I mention that it was my baby girls b-day Olivia was turning 7 and I had to mess up her night.  

Finally they come in and say they can not see anything it is to swollen and put me in a boot and crutches.  mmmmmmm We wait we wait we wait for paper work to get out of the hospital.  By this time it is almost 1:00 am Clete is exhausted the kids are ready to be home and worried about me.  I'm ready to get in my bed and try to go to sleep.

home, dogs, kids, husband, soft sheets, pillows, lots of pain, and pain pills that didn't really work

more later.