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Monday, February 11, 2013

WhATs For diNNer?

What is for dinner????

This is the question I hear everyday. EVERYDAY!!

My mom has given me her recipe for mustard greens cause everyone love them in my house except Dakota and me.  However how I made them last night OMG I really like them.

This is how it went down........

Washed and tore off the end stems. This is when they are very bitter in my opinion.

 Chopped onions garlic. We used 2 1/2 onions and 3 cloves of garlic. Add Olive Oil to the pot to really really hot then add onions, garlic, salt, and pepper to taste.  Let brown.  We like a little crunch so we add a hand full of onions toward the end of cooking this part and let soften just a little.
 Wash and remove end of the stem.  We id not tear this this time but next time we will tear them in half

After the onions and garlic are all ready add in the mustard green. I turned them a little to get them coated with the olive oil. Cover and let sit. After about 3-5 min they will be wilted watch to see how wilted fits to your taste.

 Stir and you are ready to serve. Add salt and pepper to taste.

soooooo good.
There was none left.

We served with rice and chicken kabobs, not a lot of leftovers of anything.

Good family dinner. We sat at the dinning table, something we don't get to do often because everyone is on a different schedule.  Hopefully a sign for more dinner togetherness.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The weekend and a little of the week

Olivia Mia Caie Kelsie (They all slept in there clothes)
This weekend I ended up with Mia, Calie, Kelsie, and of course my daughter.  Olivia had 2 b-day parties on Sat the last one......Toia, Kendra, Jane, and I went and had dinner and drinks when we went back to pick up the girls of course they all wanted to come back to my fun house. They had a blast of course there was dress up and high heel shoes that they all get to wear.  Dancing and cheering you can't come to my house with out dancing and cheering. They all spent the night and woke up very quietly so they could have a cappuccino. It was great fun for all to be had.

The adults of the group hung out and played cards in attendance where the Lanes, Mike Mendoza (missing Sheryl), and the Allisons. Its baseball season so we will get to hang out them some.  You know they use us for the pool.  Just kidding. It was a blast playing oh hell our new favorite card game.  I ended the night before everyone else because of my eyes being on fire.  That is what you get when you wear your contacts for 24 hours straight and your eyes are not used to it.

Sunday was a lay around day at home. 
Monday was crazy I did a million loads of laundry and cleaned out the top part of my armorie Look at what I did.

shoes, t-shirts, strapless shirts jeans and shorts


I love it.  What do you think???? I am going to tackle the bottom part another day.  The plan is to use the bottom for storage for craft and office supplies.

OH and I have been doing really good on working out.  Monday I worked out 3x Tuesday I did Zumba on the xbox with Olivia, Kelsie, and Kendra (that was alot of fun) Wed I went to Jane's and we did a P90x ouch.  But we all finished and were able to walk out instead of on a stretcher.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a list, a day in my life

So yesterday was crazy insane but...... I guess productive I did at least 15 loads of laundry (no Exaggeration). With 6 people in the house and everyone thinking they need a new blanket everyday and that you can't wear your jeans at least twice is a lot of laundry.  I cleaned out my armour and made it into half shoes rack half dresser. I will post a pic later.  Gave my husband 2 more drawers when he only had 2 to start with. 

My kitchen is spotless, ALL of the laundry is folded or hung up all is put away.  The front bathroom is cleaned.  I worked out 3x.  I know what 3x  but I have to count everything .  15 min of pilates 5 min of zumba on xbox (that is fun I think I am going to buy it) 20 min of pilates in the evening. My goal today is to do Turbo Fire the 30 min work out and another round of pilates.  Made eggs and bacon for dinner.  I did not eat any bacon and came in 8 calories under what I could have used. I know this just sounds like a to do list that I finished but my list is still at least 2 pages long.  mmmmmmm 

I go to the ENT today to hopefully get answers on my ears and why they drive me crazy. 

Baseball practice for the boys. Maybe gym for Olivia or the batting cages. Needing to find art school or class for Kota so he can get better than he already is.  Need to buy a scale so I will know if I am loosing any weight. OH and wishing for a Bowflex TreadClimber. To bad I can't be a before and after person.

So goals for today
1. Turbo Fire
2. piliats
3. 4 loads of laundry
4. gym or batting cages for sis


Monday, January 16, 2012

NEW week NEW hope in sight

My house is full of crazy schedules family and friends. My family is supportive for me losing weight but also the food that we have in my house is not the most weight loosing friendly. Saying that my will power is not that strong either. Arguing with your hubby does not help with anything going positively.

Sooooo the goal this week is again to work out 2 x this week. I have a date with 3 other friends on Wed. to work out together. I need someone to make me do it. you know hold me accountable. I know that I have only been on WW for 12 days but........When am I going to get my mind around the idea of STOP PUTTING FOOD IN MY MOUTH. I am going to go to my garage and do palliates right now wish me luck. If you have any ideas on how to get someone motivated please send me your thoughts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello my name is .... and I am addicted to food

I figured out yesterday something I have known for a long time but have not wanted to admit it. (Mmm as I roll my eyes at myself.) I am addicted to food. I want food it doesn’t matter if I am hungry or not. It is the act of eating, putting it in my mouth feeling the texture, the taste ooooooo, the smell. Have you ever really just felt at home when you are eating something? Food can take me back to when I was a kid, or when I was happier, when I was thinner. The bad thing about admitting to this is I love to cook and bake it is my most favorite thing to do for myself. It gives me purpose in my house, my kids brag about my food and that makes my heart swell with laughter and happiness when they ask for more.

So what do I do?

This is my 2nd round of WW just like you I have tried all the get skinny quick gimmicks. The first time it took off enough weight for me to go to Vegas with my husband and beautiful friend and her husband. We had great fun but I was still very aware of my body being bigger than what I want. Depending on what I am doing and who I am with I either think like SHALLOW HAL or that I am a beached whale. Have you seen that movie? Where he sees all the women beautiful, skinny, and happy? I’ve got the happy most of the time. I am a mom and a wife so it can’t be 100% let’s get real.

Here is my goal……. Work out 2x a week this week and up it as we go, walk the dogs with my kids 3x a week or more depending on practice schedules, stop eating unless I am hungry.

I will let you know how I do. It is Wed 01/11/12 hopefully I can finish out the week with a bang.