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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am a big girl and I hide it pretty well. I started weight watchers Jan. 7th with the family (not my children they need to gain weight) I have gained 5lbs. Not because WW does not work it is because I loooooove food. I don't have to be hungry I just like to eat the taste the smell. It makes it even worse that I love to bake and cook. THEY (do you know who they are? If you do can you introduce me? I would like to meet them and maybe slap them.) say if you cook it or bake it from scratch you should be able to eat as much as you want. NOT who do they think they are! AND what are they talking about THEY need to shut up.

I talked to my mom yesterday and she is really trying to help so I will keep you informed. :)

On another note. I finally made Olivias room look like a room. Not just some space in our house. We have lived in our house for 4 years and I have not really made it ours. Yeah sure we have pics up and stuff every where. BUT not really ours. You know what I mean when you walk into a room and say "I want to die here" (can you name that movie quote??) It is really cute I used some everyday things to really spice it up.

Monday, February 8, 2010

This weekend and Monday

WEEELL It was Super Bowl weekend. That says allot right there. Friday I ran kids around all over town for practices. Corden went skating with all his friends and is worried about his girlfriend breaking up with him. OF course that started a new conversation between Clete and I being week. lol men. Dakota had a basket ball game in Barttelsville. He made his first basket during the actual game not at the free throw line. It was awesome. Sunday we hung out with our friends the Siaus and ate good food, played games, and had Sarah's Margaritas. The kids had a blast hanging out with there boys and sissy was Cathy's little girl it was funny she was even yelling for her instead of me. Here is the family question for the weekend. Why do boys get hurt no matter where you are? I don't mean just bumps and bruises I mean huge goose eggs on there foreheads and black eyes. Now random question for the weekend.
What is your favorite toothpaste?

This morning the three younger kids walk down to the bus stop. Olivia looses her glove walks back to find it and misses the bus. Who knows where her brothers are while she is walking back. I am still at home and trying to get ready. The dogs start barking I go to the door and she is out front. CRYING saying that I scared her. "Why didn't you go to Ms. Angelas" I ask "I don't know" she said "I was trying to find my glove that I dropped and I thought the boys were at the bus stop I didn't think that the bus had already gone then when I went back I couldn't find them." Olivia said with tears streaming down her face and her voice shaking so much that I could barley understand what she was saying. I try to explain to her what she is suppose to do if this should ever happen again. In the middle of my part we hear a bus coming down the street..... she says "I have to go down here to get on the bus" and she runs off to our neighbor two doors down. The bus driver Kenny waves as he passes by our house to pick up the two boys that live down the street and my still crying buy no longer trembling daughter. The point to this story is that Olivia will have to grounded brothers for not keeping up with their 5 yr old sister. Family Question of the day. Is it worth the stress to send your children down the street to the bus stop when your almost 11 yr old doesn't watch his sister? Random ? of the day. What is your favorite invention and why?

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Time

I am a newbie to this. I am not sure if anyone is out there that will be interested in any thing I will have to say so here goes.

Clete found a recipe for sweet potato fries he bought a slicer that actually cut the sweet potato's really easy. AND human flesh! First Clete sliced himself and then I cut myself because the guard popped off. Clete rushed me to the local urgent care and of course they could not do anything for me but give me pain meds. The shot was nice it numbed my fingers for a few days. Now the question of the day. Have you ever sliced off the pad of your finger and then tried to type with a huge bandage on?

Yea that would be me. is It is very irritating how many times I have to use the backspace because of the bandage. OK so for now that is it. Again this is my fist blog ever and I am not sure if it is......