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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coming to an end

The cheer/football season is coming to an end. We (all the wonderful people that help me out all of the time that I love so much.) are finishing up the end of the year gifts and getting ready for the party.

The weather has changed it is crisp, cool, and windy outside. So what does that do for my household.  Well let me tell you.   UUUUUUUURRRRRRG is what I start thinking because everyone is in the house on top of each other.  There is no extra space for anything extra or anyone.  We have half way finished the garage it is looking really good. Clete threw away I don't even want to think about how much crap.

I have been going through the clothes and getting rid of all the clothes that do not fit the kids yet they don't want to try on some they just look at me like I am crazy.  Well I guess they are right.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The weekend

What a weekend,

Saturday we started out with Cross Country @ 9:00 Kim T and I meet at QT @ 8:30 well lets be honest I was at QT at 8:30 lol. The boys had to be at the meet at 9:00 to check in. (They could have rode the bus but that would have meant they had to be at school @ 7:00 am.)  OH YES let me think my son Corden thought it would be very cool to stay up until 4:30 (when I was woken up by gears of war and told him to go to bed).  Follow Kim all around town looking for the school that both of us should have known it where abouts.  BUT NO it is me and KIM.  They are scheduled to run at 9:45 and then they are off.  Corden and CJ did totally awesome video above and yes of course I always yell for my children. lol AND yes they make fun of me when they listen to me on videos but they can hear me on the field and it makes them move.

Olivia and I congratulate Cord, CJ, and the rest of the team for doing such a great job, then run to the car to make her game on time.

Olivia's game was at 11:00 have to be there by 10:15 I like to be there early just in case any of my girls get there.  We rurnrnrnrnrnrun like crazy to get inside. AND what only 5 girls are there out of the 15 mmmmmmm.  One of my girls is out because of a wedding, Friday find out another is going out of town, and at 10:10 am I find out that another is going to miss due to staying up late.   I am scrambling to figure out how to still do our dance with just the girls I have.  I am missing another girl where is she.  I text they had written the wrong time down.  They race to the field and just barley make it.  We change the dance this person is doing this, she is doing that, all of them are in different spots, OMG I am stressed.  What if they mess up what if they don't know where to go and run into each other.  OOOOOO. My parents in the stands are not the most supportive so I really don't want to hear how bad they looked. 

..........................................................  So the dance goes on.  None of the parents said anything good or bad.  BUT the girls did amazing they did so awesome.  All of them hit there spots and did just wonderful.  Kendra's husband Jason got to see them for a little bit and he said that he like my changes better than the original dance.  So we will see how it goes with some extra flipping in it.

From Cheer to football Spencer played at 2:00 across town and Cord played at 2:30 on our home fields.  So I chose to watch Corden play.  I had parents on Spencers team texting me and keeping me updated on the game.  I was one for the books they were rocking the house.  Spencer intercepted a pass in the other teams in zone and ran it all the way to our end zone.  That is right baby 100 yard touchdown.  "THATS ANOTHER WHAT TIGER TOUCHDOWN"

Cordens game was not so happy we lost to another BA team that had friend on it. They played better than we did and it happens.  We had some craziness men mouthing off to men and uuuuug stop it stop it. nothing happened just people that should keep there mouth shut don't.  We had a play break his leg in the game.  He did not complain and kept going.  Did not tell the coaches (his dad is on the sidelines) he didn't even act hurt that we could see from the stands.  It is broken he is in a full cast.  poor baby. (his cheerleaders were really cute)

After the game we (Olivia and I) head home to get ready for our dinner and movie date.  Kelsie turned 8. We went to los cabos with two other girls that she has know since she was 2yrs old.  The girls had a blast.  After the moms had a drink, some laughs, and lots of pictures "making memories" we were off to the 12:00 (9:45pm) showing of Dolphin Tale. It was such a good time.  I think I made two new friends and I know Olivia did.  Anytime I'm with Kendra I have so much fun.

this is Olivia kissing Ms. Piggy

Sunday Baseball games. 1st game I don't know the other team the 2nd was Nic Swanson and Tucker Dunlaps team.  What are the big boys playing my baby for.  Nic is gonna get it he beamed Spencer right in the arm and wooooo it hurt. He took it and went on but they pulled him for the rest of the game. Move on the the evening ready to enjoy chili with the Gotchers and Lanes. MMMMM and goooooood company can't ask for anything better. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Home coming parade

        The Broken Arrow homecoming parade.  We try to participate every year.  Broken Arrow Black (5th grade) have been participating for 4 years now and they get louder and crazier every year. This is the GridIron Divas (2nd grade) 2nd year to show there stuff off in the parade.

The theme this year was


omg did they ever.

The getting ready started Wednesday the 21st with picking up hay and making posters.  Thanks to the very talented ShaRhonda Crow and Erin Gutierrez for making the tiger an breast cancer signs. Anna and I stood by watching making sure they did not mess up and giving them moral support as we were sipping our wine LOL.

BA Black and The GridIron Divas playing on the trailer showing off there muscles

The kids start getting picked up from school around 2:30 to make it on time to join in on the fun. This is the only time that the schools do not frown on the picking up early to support our wonderful town and High School. The trailer shows up to our meeting spot around 2:00. Keep in mind that the parade does not start until 4:00 pm but hey to have a good spot you have to sacrifice your time.  Thank you coach Jason S. for giving up your time and showing off your driving skills as you drove down Main street. 


Of course everything is a competition in our house so Spencer is trying to out do Olivia and Olivia is trying to out do Spencer.  The Cheerleaders that are already boy crazy enjoyed flirting with the football boys that had no idea that was what they were doing.  The boys looked at the girls like you are my annoying little sister that I have to let sit by me on the float so I don't get yelled at by my mom.

Now saying that they sure did have fun saying chants and one upping each other.
The parade is starting the girls are in the front with some extra friends in the mix that are sisters of the football players they are the same age as the cheerleaders 2nd grade and fit in very nicely with the other girls. Corden and CJ were not left out on the fun either they were on the back of the trailer making fun of Clete as we supposedly waved like a prom queen. (I didn't see it I think Corden was making that part up lol but it would be really funny looking if he was)  We start off with a few GO BAs and then move on to WHO ARE WE? BA BLACK". The boys are louder than the girls, so they have to step it up and add in some cheers and moves BANG BANG CHOO CHOO TRAIN is the one that they like the most at this moment. Toia and I are on the trailer floor surrounded by all the boys and girls yelling at the top of there lungs, we had already figured out before we started moving that we had lost some of our hearing due to all the yelling. All the football coaches had a better idea and walked behind and beside the trailer. Dakota was our security as he led the way at the front of the trailer.  The kids chanted all the way down the mile and half parade I am pretty sure we were the loudest trailer in the parade and of course we have the cutest girls and boys on our float.

The Breast Cancer signs were on both sides of the trailer so as we drove by the news guy filming the parade he zoomed in on the poster and jumped on the trailer and filmed the boys doing there chant and showing off there muscles and pink bands to beat cancer. 

When the parade came to an end we went on to our practice location down the street and around the corner. The boys jumped off and and sprinted to there practice spot while the girls had to wait because we had a little bit of a walk.  As we were going to our spot across the street the homecoming court was in the parking lot and the girls went all gooey seeing the girls in there gowns.  Both girls asked if they could take pictures with my girls and of course that was right up there ally.  Olivia asked the girls in the strapless gown if she could borrow the dress when she becomes homecoming queen.  LOL The very sweet young lady said "of course you can just call me and I will give it to you and we can take a picture together a new homecoming queen and an old one"  I thought that was so nice. 

We continue on our journey and head to practice where all the girls were so tired from school and the parade that they did not have very much fun learning new chants.  However had a lot of fun doing the team building skills that I had them do.  All in All I felt like it should have been Friday and that the day should have ending 24 hours before.  It was a great day with my favorite girls and my favorite boys.  HAPPY HOMECOMING.

First game of the season

Saturday 08/27/11

The first games of the football and cheer season in Broken Arrow, the GridIron Divas are geared up and ready to go. We all show up and what do you find on our field 4 another cheer squad about to go on.  UGG the other coach says the field is about 1 hour behind. We take the very cute always excited girls down the hill to get them in the shade.  Yes it is 100 degrees outside. Down the hill we go through the football players and around the trees to a place we can call ours.  As we are trying to make sure we have everyone and everything Coach Kortneys phone has a heat stroke so NO one can get a hold of me.  The squad runs through the dance and then they are sent off to get into some AC while we wait.  Meet back at the field for our first game and the girls do awesome, the football coach is high fiving the girls after touchdowns everyone is excited.  It is half time and it is our time to shine, UH OH the sound system is broken lol April becomes a walking jukebox. The girls do awesome on the dance and stunts. As the third quarter comes to an end we see yet another cheer squad. I walk over and asks why are do you look like your about to cheer.  WELL I was not told that they double booked the field and our game was moved to field 1. Kendra is running around like a chicken with her head cut off due to me sending her every where I can think of trying to find out where we are suppose to be next.  At the end of the game we clean up and hustle to field 1 to find out that it is at the end of the 3rd quarter.  I run up and talks to the announcer (the sound system works) to find out if we can do our dance after the game, I then runs over to the referee and ask.  The girls are all excited and pumped to do the dance again even thoe they are hot sweaty and sticky because of the heat.  The entire stands stay and watch the girls do Boom and the dance. AGAIN they literally rocked the house.  First games down and under there belt with rave reviews from all that watched.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mike & Sherill Mendoza

We have to cancel the dodgeball tournament due to schedules.  HOWEVER you can still donate your 10.00 or what every you are moved to give by going to
1.  click on the donate tab                  
2.  scroll to the bottom of the page 
3.  click select a player drop down menu
5.  enter the amount you would like to donate
6.  click donate
7.  follow payment directions
8.  BA BLACK will cut the Mendoza's a check for how much was donated. We will have it open for 2 weeks
Thank you,
Kortney Harrinton
FYI BA Black is Spencer Harrington's team. Clete is the head coach, I am the team mom, and ShaRhonda Crow is the treasure.  We are offering this because the Mendoaz's are part of our family and we only want the best for them and to lighten the stress on them.
The Mendozas story is below

Background Story

This was written by Dylan's Dad...

My son Dylan is 19 years old, he just had a birthday on July 1st, he is my oldest son out of 7 kids.

One week ago my nightmare started unexpectedly, so fast and furious! Dylan was seen at an Urgent Care for a lump on his neck that was causing him pain. On July 7th he was diagnosed with suspected leukemia. 

Blood test results the following day confirmed and diagnosed Dylan with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cancer.

Its funny how our lives can change so quickly! Dylan was feeling fine before and after his birthday! He was working hard at his current job, enjoying life as Dylan knew it!

"Bam", talk about getting slapped in the face with troubling news like this regarding your child. 

 Dylan is currently receiveing aggressive treatment at MD Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. 

I assured Dylan, "We are going to fight this battle together because I will be here for you and you will never be alone! Any parent, would indeed, feel the same way I do. I would do anything to fight this battle for my son."

I am amazed how strong Dylan has handled this whole process! He has become the strong man I knew he would become. I still see him as my baby boy and "we" will fight this!

We appreciate all of the love, prayers and support we have received already from family and friends during this difficult transition in our life.

 We are blessed beyond belief and will not let go of our faith in God for a complete healing for Dylan!!!


random Facebook posts from Sherill
July 8th PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for our Dylan we just found out has cancer and leukemia..GOD PLEASE BE W DYLAN for ALL HEALING!!!
PLEASE pray for DYLAN is has been in the ER all day w chest pains. Mike said they have done many tests. Need answers and direction God PLEASE!!!
Was talking to DYLAN when the surgeon comes in...I think Mike said he has a tear in the abdominal area. Causing the pain..surgery needed just blood is low I told D he is at the Best place and not too loose FAITH! We are not questioning this but TRUSTING GOD
Ok just spoke to Mike and they are admitting DYLAN for 48 HR observation to see how he does. He is at risk for surgery right now w blood being so low. ..I KNOW TRUST AND BELIEVE that he will be healed from this problem he is facing. God is the healer and the one in control! God is Good ! PLEASE b w DYLAN! ! I love you Dylan and Mike too
....Thank You for your needed prayers!!
Oh on a Good note I know the healing is begiinning.....GLORY TO GOD because Mike said Dr's said he should be in more pain!!! Thank You Jesus!!
Ok if things can't get worse for poor DYLAN he now has a blood clot in his shoulder, they are going to treat w medicine to dissolve this
I sit here and cry for this 19 yr old that I Love and am Praying so hard For things to turn around. ....I also am crying for my husband who is up there all alone God PLEASE hear my prayers!!!!

Thank you,
Kortney Harrington

Monday, April 25, 2011

The danger of Dodgeball

Its been awhile OF COURSE.  So I have hurt my leg and I am in a boot.  for you that really know me, know that I am all about my shoes. 

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I had to put them all away they were just making me sad.  Now how sad is that. 

The low down

Corden (now 12 years) had a dodge ball fundraiser for his baseball team.  I played on our team of course, Our whole team consisted of 5 men all 6ft to 6'9" and 3 women.  We looked very intimidating out there.  We were one game away from the championship against another team that was all parents from Cordens baseball team.  I am standing in the back (I just handed the balls to the guys) WHAT happens I get hit with a ball. Heading to the sidelines looking at the wall and not the action that was going AND BOOM. Hit with another ball just right and go down.  Jason B yells out she is hurt she is hurt time out time out.  I crawl to the side lines roll over and people are there.  Clete is taking off my shoe (Kendra says he was looking at your shoe like when did she get these.) Everyone is around me asking me where it hurts.  The side of my ankle has already swollen up to the size of a baseball (go figure baseball fundraiser it had to show its pretty self sometime).  Sarah B (5'1") and Henry with someone behind me carry me to a chair they bring me ice and a box to sit on it.  There is a wonderful RN there that I don't know his name that is looking at it trying to give us some advice.  Now remember we were in the middle of a game and we had to win it a T-shirt was on the line.  We had to win this game and the next to win the beautiful yellow t-shirts lol.  My team and the other team look at me and I say "Go Go play Go win I will be fine"  They finish up the game and guess who wins.  YEAH HIPPEE  We did yes I got a shirt.

We decide to head to the ER and we all start wondering how I am going to get out of the church and get to the truck.  Check out my ride that Jason B came up with.  John hopped on and held me and my foot as I cried on his shoulder do to the bumps.  When we get to the thresh hold that was the end and Jason B swoops me up with his bad shoulder and all and takes me to my darling husband that pulled the truck to the curb.  John is trying to get the ice to sit right on my leg and it runs all down the back my thigh and on the seat. So not only do I have a jacked up killing me injury but now it looks like I peed my pants.  

We make it to ST. Johns in no time flat.  Well you know Clete was driving so no one is surprised.  He carries me to a wheel chair wheels me in and gets me to the people.  We wait.

get back for vitals
We wait
get to a room
We wait
Dr comes in looks at it a little gets the high lights of me thinking I am 20 and says we need x rays and I get a shot for the pain
We Wait
We wait
We wait
We wait
x-ray I scream and cry into the bed He was horrible mean to me trying to get pics of my bones.  didn't he know I was already hurt I did not need to turn my leg this way or that.
We wait
we wait
we wait
RN comes in gives me med so I don't get sick and a shot.  Why I didn't get the shot before the xray mmmm I will never know.  The shot was nice I helped a bit still in pain but not like I wanted to jump off a building.
guess what yep We WAIT.

During all this time Spencer was at his baseball game and the other three finished there games and went to eat with the Lanes.  Spencer lost his game but played hard, Cord and Kota (red balls was there dodge ball team name) lost so no prize for them. OH and did I mention that it was my baby girls b-day Olivia was turning 7 and I had to mess up her night.  

Finally they come in and say they can not see anything it is to swollen and put me in a boot and crutches.  mmmmmmm We wait we wait we wait for paper work to get out of the hospital.  By this time it is almost 1:00 am Clete is exhausted the kids are ready to be home and worried about me.  I'm ready to get in my bed and try to go to sleep.

home, dogs, kids, husband, soft sheets, pillows, lots of pain, and pain pills that didn't really work

more later.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ladies Night

It was LADIES night last night (and oh what a night) at the local Applebees.  The husbands joined us and of course our table was full of laughter and giggles.  Mr. Klump was a mess with his stories and calling out coach Klump on her winning streak. He claims that it is his.  She is the coach but she doesn't know how to coach (per Mr. K) Mrs. K just laughs and holds up her hand and says Please with a head bob. Mr. and Mrs. W. joined us it was her idea.  The night was suppose to start at 9:00pm due to half price drinks started then.  LOL it started at 5:00 and went until 2:00.  We talked about everything lawns, football, cheer, moving, aunt flow and that Mr. W is ooooowwee and all the unmentionables. The girls joined my clan along with Zach for a pallet party in the living room watching Daddy Daycare.  When the parents showed up all of them were asleep except Zach and Kota.  He is awww of Kota it is really cute.

I have not giggled or laughed so hard in I don't know how long.  I really needed it.  Mrs. W. brings it out in me.  The giggles and laughter just come up when I am around her.  I am not as serious not a whole lot of serious thought provoking stories that I have to use my what if mind.  It is very nice.  So from the cheer sleep over (stories coming soon) to last night I think Ive got my giggle back.  Not my groove but my giggle.

Thanks for the fun night Mr. and Mrs. Klump and Mr. and Mrs. W.

Something from yesterday

After I wrote yesterdays blog I went to "Chatting at the sky" a blog I read every now and then.  This is part of what she had to say. 

Wow I think I was one of the people that God had in mind when she was writing this. :) Crazy how I don't know this person from Adam, I stumbled across her blog and I liked it. Started following it and go to it maybe once a month.  I went to it about an hour after I submitted my post yesterday.  mmmmmmm

But you smile in spite of yourself, because they are kids after all. And you consider your goals, how maybe the goal you thought you wanted isn’t the best goal after all, that your heart and efforts may be better spent enjoying the process, the humor, and the life rather than constantly reaching for the future, the dream, the clean.

Pretend spoons never get dirty. And it isn’t a mistake to bring your bathing suit to Hollywood, exactly. But real dreams take real work, and to keep them neat and tidy is a mistake, I think. Making your dreams come true isn’t always so dreamy. And it’s always good to remember the most important thing.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD, “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” – Isaiah 55:8

Surely that applies to everything – to the everyday things of mothering and loving and to the someday things of maybe and impossible. When we begin to realize our dreams and we discover they are nothing like we thought, remember the ways of the Dream-Maker are different. And that dreams have nuts and bolts, too. If they didn’t, then surely they would fall apart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just one of those days

Have you ever just had one of those days...........The blah blah blah days..................You can't wake up and everything hurts?

I did yesterday.  I got my feelings hurt and I just can't let it go. Why does this happen it is so stupid. I just feel like emotionally I have been hit by a truck. I went walging (walking/jogging) last night all by my self and that actually was really nice. I sang out loud with my Ipod in my ears I am sure my neighbors think I am crazy. Well more crazy than I already am.  It made me feel better but still in a weird mood. The kids are not doing there job at school and I don't really know what to do with them.  They are grounded until there grades come up BUT it is really hard when they do so much stuff that is team related. Do you let the team down and pull them out? OR do you say this is the only thing you get to do?

I don't really feel like I have a purpose except from just being the kids mom.  I know I have said this before when my kids are grown and off doing there own thing what do I do? I have tons of ideas of what I want to be when I grow up but when does the time come that you say, OK your grown what did you do. What happened to all those good ideas.

Is being a mom the only identity you can have when your kids are growing up.

Do you day dream? I don't think I do any more. I know that when I drive and I don't have the music on, my mind is just blank. Then there are other times that I talk to my Grandma like she is there and going to talk back to me. Of course she isn't and shes not going to talk back to me, she has been gone for 4 years now. So how do you go back to day dreaming like you did when you were a kid?

OK enough about my blah blah days. 

Today is going to be awesome just because I am  are alive and it is not snowing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

dance fever

Just a few pics of the dances that they made up during our snow days by Olivia and Shelby

snow snow and more snow

My Monday started with work and heading to OKC to deliver an order and to see my Aunt (another post). Coming back with everyone that loves me so worried that I would not make it home before the blizzad of 2011. Wow you don't get to say that very often. Actually we have only been able to say that 15 years ago. (Dec 1995 when Clete and I got married).

We have been in the house from Monday night to Thursday. It was our first day out we only made it to the driveway. Shoveling and playing. Maddie (our golden r and lab mix) had a blast running and jumping through the snow. The boys started on a fort while Olivia was inside crying freezing to death. Lol she was very cute while she was thawing out from being a popsicle.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things I can't do any more


I know this is going to sound crazy, BUT I can not think of anything that I can't do. NOW there are some things that I wont do.  I can still skate (I do roller skate as often as I can) ride bikes (not in my underwear but I don't remember ever doing that and not while I smoke. I think that is a double standard. you know like jumbo shrimp. Idiot Idiot that is a good title for that pic) roller coasters (I love them but my husband has to ride them before he will let me because he does not want to hear me complain about throwing up. lol I have always had an issue with motion)

Ok so I don't act crazy with my friends. OH wait yes I do.
I don't act like a kid anymore.  OH again yes I do.
I don't dance around my house anymore pretending to be Madonna.  OK that one is right now it is Katy Perry and Sugarland.

I hope this gives some crazy fun kid skating dancing in my underwear insight to me.

Love K

The week of sick

I have been sick.  uuuuuugggg and blaaahhhh. Olivia was sick with me.  She is such a fun person to be sick with.  We laughed, snuggled, watched tv, read and played games on my phone and her ds the whole time. We were quarantined to her room because we did not want the boys to get the flu. She is reading purple princess (really cute book) There is one part in this book that someone points out that a east er egg design looks like an elephant.  She laughed so hard and read it to me like 12x Every time she read it she laughed harder.  Of course I laughed as well because she is so cute and that she found it so funny.

Rebekah the legend in her self. Rebekah the woman that will stand the test of time. Rebekah the friend that there are no words to describe. Rebekah the friend that came over and hung out with me when I was about to go stir crazy. She stayed for about 4 hours.  We had no idea that it had been that long and we looked at the time and was so shocked. I'm not really sure what all we talked about except that we BOUNCE from subject to subject and we laugh.  Thank you friend for coming and hanging out.

Monday the kids were out of school and I was still sick.  The kids were all ready to go out and play and get out of the house.  So they did. :) Spencer came home with so many scratches that it looked like we had a new kitten that did not like him at all.  Olivia went to Shelby's and they did not have one fight I think that is a record for her house.  I went down a little later in the eve to drop off some stuff and I looked at Shimmy and about had a heart attack.  I was hanging on to the door jam like it was going to save me.  OMG I am so stupid I know.

I made ALMOND CRUSTED CHICKEN and noodles with sun dried pesto sauce for dinner.  Everyone loved it.  Dakota had 5 helpings.  I know wow, he even had 2nds on the green beans.   I'm not sure what I am making tonight but we have 9th grade orientation we will see if we make it through the night.  Am I old enough to have a 9th grader?  I don't think so.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new page

I am starting a new page. You ask why not a new chapter? Well I am a page kind of girl I just cant commit to a chapter just yet.  Hopefully this will be a new year of new ideas and new things to try.  Like this tied I'm trying out.  (Can you figure out what the word is TIED) if you can let me know.  I do not feel any different but hopefully I will soon.  If not I have learned a lot about Clete and I both.

I have this new adorable friend.  Well we met during football but we are just now becoming friends.  She is crazy wonderful and I love spending time with her.  Bec and I had this crazy idea to start working out with each other at 5:00 AM.  I know if we are going to start something then why not doing it at more of a sensible hour of the day.  Not us.  We do have a lot of fun we laugh the whole time and make fun of the one of the ladies on the Zumba video.  Of course you can not forget Roberto he make is all go by so fast.  Some mornings Kat joins us and then OMG we are silly.  I think it is because we are all crazy but also because we are all still asleep.

Something else new that I am trying on for size is a book called "Made to Crave".  It is a book about how God made us to crave just not food we were made to crave him.  Check it out and let me know what you think. You can find it on Proverbs31.com and madetocrave.org


Catch you on the next page

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The life of a cheerleader

SOOOO. We had our cheer party for the 2010 season.  We cheered for 3 football teams did 3 peprallys and a parade.  I had 12 girls on the squad and it was a blast.  Each girl is so diffrent and special in there own way.  Each one of them brings something to the feild that makes our squad unique. Of course we have to be UNIQUE because we are the GridIron Divas.  We had the party at a hotel and did the slumber party thing.  Two other mammas stayed the night and we giggled as much as the girls. 

1> We went swimming in the mini swim park (the lagoon). They had been in the pool for about 20 min and this woman came up to me and one other mom "There is a fire in the building they need everyone to eveacuate now." We look at her kinda funny and then we look to the other side of the pool and people are waving people out of the pool in a frantic motion.  Of course we start yelling for all my 13 girls to get out of the pool. (we had a sister with us at this time) We make it out of the pool little girls dripping water with every step they take and asking are we already finished swiming?  I tell them no this is a fire drill like at school.  We are half way through the lobby and they say it is a false alarm.  We turn around and head back into the fun.  There were 3 moms upstairs (6th floor) putting things away.  They had to walk all the way down as the sirens are blaring in there ears.  My poor mommas that I love. 

I get into the pool and swim with all my girls go down the slide and let them hang on me like the monkeys they are.  We had a blast and my evil mommas (yes the three that I said I loved) well that was before I knew they were taking pics of me in my swim suite.  UGGG paybacks are coming.

2>We head back up to the room and changed into our pjs (of course later in the eve we are having a pj fashion show) Food is served and the girls sit down to open there gifts. They all loved the necklace that was given. 

of course our night was not finished but that part is ours to keep you know because girls have to have secrets or they are not girls.