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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a list, a day in my life

So yesterday was crazy insane but...... I guess productive I did at least 15 loads of laundry (no Exaggeration). With 6 people in the house and everyone thinking they need a new blanket everyday and that you can't wear your jeans at least twice is a lot of laundry.  I cleaned out my armour and made it into half shoes rack half dresser. I will post a pic later.  Gave my husband 2 more drawers when he only had 2 to start with. 

My kitchen is spotless, ALL of the laundry is folded or hung up all is put away.  The front bathroom is cleaned.  I worked out 3x.  I know what 3x  but I have to count everything .  15 min of pilates 5 min of zumba on xbox (that is fun I think I am going to buy it) 20 min of pilates in the evening. My goal today is to do Turbo Fire the 30 min work out and another round of pilates.  Made eggs and bacon for dinner.  I did not eat any bacon and came in 8 calories under what I could have used. I know this just sounds like a to do list that I finished but my list is still at least 2 pages long.  mmmmmmm 

I go to the ENT today to hopefully get answers on my ears and why they drive me crazy. 

Baseball practice for the boys. Maybe gym for Olivia or the batting cages. Needing to find art school or class for Kota so he can get better than he already is.  Need to buy a scale so I will know if I am loosing any weight. OH and wishing for a Bowflex TreadClimber. To bad I can't be a before and after person.

So goals for today
1. Turbo Fire
2. piliats
3. 4 loads of laundry
4. gym or batting cages for sis


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